Boat Delivery

Interested in hiring a professional boat captain and crew to deliver your personal yacht? Are you a broker and need one moved for a survey or for closing? Want your boat relocated to your future vacation destination but don’t have the time to take her yourself? Wanna get a little offshore experience on your yacht while moving her around the coast? Whatever the reason, Chronic Sailing can help!

Captain Owen and his delivery crew have years of experience and tens of thousands of offshore nautical miles navigating sailing catamarans, mono-hulls and power vessels up and down the Atlantic East Coast of the United States (offshore and on the ICW) and throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean Sea. They focus primarily on catamaran sailboats 38’-50’ and power yachts up to 55’ but can move just about any size vessel wherever she needs to go. Whether it needs to be moved tomorrow or months from now, you can feel comfortable knowing your boat is in qualified hands while being transported around the Chesapeake Bay or across open blue water.

How it Works

Prior to departure, Captain Owen will discuss sailing route options with you. Based on the most recent weather forecast models and your boat’s unique features and limitations, we will devise a plan to safely and quickly move your vessel from alpha to bravo. You’ll discuss the cost of delivery, all terms of insurance and liability during the transit, and be provided an estimate along with written agreement of all terms and conditions.

All offshore deliveries carry state of the art satellite communications to allow you 24/7 instant communication with your boat while she’s underway anywhere. It also allows real time weather GRIBs for storm tracking and general condition updates for the crew to engage early route corrections, optimizing time and safety. All deliveries are assisted from our base manager in Annapolis following weather systems and other real world events that could influence the float plan.

Step by Step Boat Delivery Plan

  • 1 Discuss your boat, her location/destination, potential delivery dates & estimated costs
  • 2 Design a route based on weather predictions
  • 3 File float plan with Chronic Sailing headquarters and owner/broker prior to departure
  • 4 Embark and begin making way with 24/7 weather updates and communication
  • 5 Real time weather routing adjustments while underway
  • 6 Arrival at destination (Full survey & detail cleaning optional)
  • 7 Debrief on trip details, vessel condition, any necessary repairs and handover

Need your boat moved?

Get in touch today to discuss the details and schedule your boat delivery with us.