Learn On Your Boat

Just buy a boat, they said.
It’ll be awesome, they said.

But did they tell you how tricky handling and maintaining your new boat can be? Believe me, we get it. Learning all the running rigging, how to properly harness the wind, close quarter maneuvering inside tight marinas, plumbing, electronics, diesel mechanics, and on and on... With all the different hats you have to wear as a new boat owner it can get overwhelming and take the joy out of boat ownership. And without the skills and confidence critical to successfully navigate and sail to your chosen destinations safely and confidently, you may find yourself not enjoying your boat out on the open water as often as you’d like.

We can help you attain those skills. We’ll customize your lessons to focus on the areas you’d like to learn, areas we think your skillset could benefit from, all while helping to solve all the little mysteries that emerge living aboard your boat. Every boat has her own quirks and kinks and we’ll help you get them ironed out with real world learning situations. Whether brushing up on sailing fundamentals or exploring new complexities of sailing life, it’s just more effective learning to sail on your own boat.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • Docking/Mooring
  • Close Quarter maneuvering
  • Sail Handling/Trim
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Coastal Navigation/Charting
  • Anchoring
  • Radar
  • Tides and Current Tables and Planning
  • Autopilot
  • Crew Overboard Rescue “Under moter & sail”
  • VHF Radio Protocol & Etiquette
  • Boating Apps and Websites
  • Passagemaking/Trip routing
  • Weather Prediction & Planning

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captain shawn with sunset on a boat

Captain Shawn

Meet Your Instructor

Captain Shawn has extensive experience teaching solos, couples and families how to operate their vessels safely and enjoyably sail, both inland and in offshore situations. With more than 20,000 nautical miles of offshore yacht deliveries between the Chesapeake Bay and deep into the southern Caribbean Sea, dozens of private charters and ASA certifications, Cap. Shawn has the experience and knowledge of how to keep safe in all situations. He has taught many novice and intermediate sailors the skills and confidence necessary to excel in numerous sailing conditions and situations and can do the same for you.